We supply the best software available to our valuable clients.

Superb Software was established in 2003. Superb Software is a JIWA Solution Provider.  www.jiwa.com.au and will help you find the software that matches your needs. We work with other software providers to provide a comprehensive integrated solution to your business requirements. Superb Software provides business flow processing, implementation and training, support and customisation, report writing, accounting services, project management, outsource management, application development and application review, Excel spreadsheets customisation and set up.



JIWA Financials can help your company build and grow into new markets and capitalise on your evolving business opportunities – keeping you in control.

It is a fully integrated financial management solution that enables fast month end reporting so that you know where you are at the end of each month. You don’t need to stop processing or do any special month end functions that can’t be done while everything else continues on. Get your accountant’s weekends back.

JIWA Financials enables you to leverage the power of technology, through a rich & proven feature set to give you control and productivity improvement to your people. With JIWA Financials you can get stuck into growing your business knowing the ERP function will grow with you.

You can keep your inventory levels to what you need, and improve your ability to manage the business. You can do this because we give you great visibility of your business data, and you will know what is going on.